Metal Detectors

When it comes for safety and security for the public domain, metal detectors are widely used for the security of common areas. The goal is to identify the threat causing metal objects are immediately scanned & detected with audio visual indicator. Hand Held or Door Frame metal detector are common in place like government buildings, airport, railway station, metro, shopping malls, commercial and residential complexes.

Door Frame Metal Detector – DFMD

Door Fram Metal Detector

In order for the security to be effective a DFMD can ensure secure entrances and provide a sense of safety and security for the public. They are portable and easy to use, making them a great option for security officials. It is also known as “walk-through” metal detector are widely used in security screening at access points

SEPLe high-tech intelligent DFMD provides multi zone detection enabling to identify the location of the target, on either the left or right side of the individual ensuring safety and security of the area from unlawful entries and doubtful activities.

SEPLe DFMDs widely used in airports, railway station, metro station, malls, multiplexes and various public visiting areas.

Hand Held Metal Detector – HHMD

A HHMD is a smart electronic devices that helps in detecting hidden small metal objects. It is portable and lightweight, making it easy to carry and handle. The device is passed over a person or an object, and if metal is detected, the device will emit an audible or visual signal.

The use of HHMD has become increasingly common in recent years. To address the security concern efficiently SEPLe bring you the HHMD 2.0 – a new age hand held metal detector which can detect even the smallest metal element in second.

Handhand Metel Detector - Best Electronic Security Products and Services

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