Chief Managing Director

S. S. Rajput CMD Security Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

S. S Rajput

Shri S. S Rajput, a seasoned entrepreneur and Chief Managing Director, commenced his entrepreneurial journey in 1989 with a focused emphasis on electronic security products and services. Widely acknowledged as a pioneer in the industry, he recognized early on the immense potential and value embedded in electronic security solutions.

As the driving force behind Security Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (SEPLe), Shri S. S Rajput has steered the company to remarkable heights, boasting a diverse clientele of more than 100 clients spanning across national and international boundaries. His strategic vision and commitment to excellence have solidified SEPLe’s position as a leader in the electronic security sector.

A passionate and diligent leader, Shri S. S Rajput adheres to the philosophy of “बनो बनाओ समृद्धिशाली,” underscoring his belief in collaborative team efforts and fostering an environment conducive to growth and prosperity.

Beyond his corporate endeavors, Shri S. S Rajput is committed to social service and environmental sustainability. His dedication to tree plantation underscores a profound sense of responsibility towards the environment. He holds the belief that a company is akin to a mother, nurturing and supporting its stakeholders.

Philanthropy and community engagement are integral aspects of Shri S. S Rajput’s professional ethos. His commitment to social causes, coupled with a guardianship mentality, reflects his dedication to the well-being of the community.

In addition to his entrepreneurial achievements, Shri S. S Rajput has received numerous national prestigious awards in recognition of his unwavering commitment and outstanding contributions to the field of security services.

Shri S. S Rajput’s multifaceted approach extends to training and development, where he actively contributes to the growth and skill enhancement of individuals within the organization. His holistic leadership style, coupled with a strong focus on social responsibility, distinguishes him as a notable figure in both the corporate and philanthropic spheres.

Managing Director

Usha Rajput MD Security Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Mrs. Usha Rajput

Mrs. Usha Rajput, an esteemed professional and Managing Director, stands as an integral pillar in the entrepreneurial and professional journey of Shri S. S Rajput. Her unwavering commitment and contributions have played a pivotal role in shaping the success of the organization to date.

As a highly motivated, positive, and goal-oriented professional, Mrs. Usha Rajput is dedicated to building and effectively leading Security Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (SEPLe), working tirelessly to achieve the company’s overarching vision. Her proven track record speaks to her ability to accelerate growth and enhance SEPLe’s security products and services, catering to the needs of esteemed clients.

Mrs. Usha Rajput brings a unique touch to leadership, characterized by a motherly warmth that resonates with all employees. Her special attention to female employees reflects a commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment, ensuring that everyone feels valued and respected.

In her role as Managing Director, Mrs. Usha Rajput goes beyond the conventional aspects of leadership. She actively cultivates a workplace culture that prioritizes the dignity of every employee, creating a harmonious and collaborative atmosphere within the organization.

Mrs. Usha Rajput’s leadership style is marked by a combination of empathy, strategic vision, and a commitment to excellence. Her dedication to the growth of the company and the well-being of its employees establishes her as a key figure in the success and positive culture of Security Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (SEPLe).

Chief Executive Officer

Gaurav Rajput CEO Security Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Gaurav Rajput

Shri Gaurav Rajput, the dynamic Chief Executive Officer of the company, is a charismatic and accomplished young business leader who plays multifaceted roles in steering business leadership and growth. With a robust foundation in electronics, he brings forth a wealth of knowledge in electronic security products, setting him apart as a visionary in product development.

As an electronic engineer graduate, Shri Gaurav Rajput’s strong expertise empowers the team to solve complex problems and fosters creative solutions, distinguishing him within the industry. His keen understanding of electronic security products contributes significantly to the innovation and advancement of the company’s offerings.

Beyond technical prowess, Shri Gaurav Rajput possesses inherent people management skills and a penchant for taking calculated risks. His strategic acumen has been instrumental in propelling the company to the pinnacle of success. Drawing from extensive career experience, he has engaged with diverse clients and worked across various verticals within the organization, enriching his insights and leadership capabilities.

Shri Gaurav Rajput’s commitment to industry development extends beyond his company role. Serving as the President of FSAI (Fire and Security Association of India) for Kolkata over the last four years, he actively contributes to creating awareness for fire safety. Additionally, his membership in BNI (Business Network International) reflects his dedication to networking and collaborative business practices.

In the realm of technology and innovation, Shri Gaurav Rajput has been at the forefront. His leadership has driven the implementation of cutting-edge technologies in research and development (R&D). Furthermore, his involvement in the successful implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems underscores his commitment to efficiency and operational excellence.

Shri Gaurav Rajput is not just a CEO but a forward-thinking leader who blends technical expertise, people management, and a commitment to industry advancement. His holistic approach to business leadership has been pivotal in shaping the success and technological innovation of the company.

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