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Intelligent hooter is a cutting-edge technological tool used in various applications, including surveillance and security. These devices are equipped with artificial intelligence, creating a response that captures objects and humans in real-life settings. They are gaining popularity in various industries for their efficiency in enhancing situational awareness, decision-making, and response times. Unlike traditional surveillance methods, intelligent hooters can capture and analyze multiple events concurrently, making them invaluable in busy, high-risk environments.

SEPLe Intelligent Hooter (iHoot) is a stand-alone intelligent sounder cum strobe alarm which can be integrated to any security alarm system like fire alarm system. It is configurable to operate with any type of security alarm panel and comes with double init tamper proof protection. It is equipped with dual piezo sounders for powerful alarm generation and LED strobe unit for visual alert indication, with option to select between either sounder alert or visual alert or both based on type of panel it is wired with.
SEPLe high-end hooters are used in the hospitality, healthcare, Government, financial sectors.

Intelligent Hooter - IHOOT

Intelligent hooters or sensors are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society, as individuals and businesses begin to harness the power of real-time data collection and analysis. By utilizing sophisticated algorithms and cutting-edge technology, these devices are capable of monitoring everything from traffic patterns to weather conditions, providing invaluable insights and actionable intelligence to those who deploy them. In addition to improving operational efficiency and reducing costs, intelligent hooters can also help to enhance public safety by alerting emergency responders to potential hazards before they become serious threats. With so many potential applications, it’s clear that the intelligent hooter industry is poised for continued growth and innovation in the years ahead.

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