Door Guard

Upgrade Your Security with SEPLe Door Guard – The Modern Solution for Access Control

SEPLe Door Guard revolutionizes traditional door lock systems by offering an advanced electronic alternative. Ideal for homes and businesses, electronic door locks provide a secure and convenient solution, eliminating the need for physical keys that can be lost or stolen. With SEPLe Door Guard, you introduce a modern touch to your property while ensuring controlled access

Door Guard - SEPLE Security Products

Salient Features of SEPLe Door Guard

  • Inbuilt SMPS: Ensures a stable power supply for consistent performance.
  • Door Open Sensing: Detects door opening, triggering an audio-visual alert for enhanced security.
  • Magnetic Contact Sensors: Utilizes advanced sensors for accurate door status monitoring.
  • Inbuilt Buzzer: Incorporates a buzzer for additional auditory security alerts.
  • LED Indication: Clearly indicates system status, door open, and door close for quick visual reference.

Advantages of Choosing SEPLe Door Guard

SEPLe Door Guard stands out from other door guard systems, offering:

  • Reliability: A reliable and robust electronic door guard for enhanced security.
  • Innovative Technology: Incorporates cutting-edge technology for modern access control.
  • Versatility: Adaptable for various applications, ensuring flexibility in usage.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly design for straightforward installation and operation.
Upgrade your security measures with SEPLe Door Guard, providing keyless access control and innovative features for a modern and secure environment.
Secure Your Space, Simplify Your Access – Choose SEPLe Door Guard for Advanced Electronic Security.

Fire Door

Fire Door
Enhance Fire Safety with SEPLe Fire Doors – Your Shield Against Flames and Smoke

SEPLe Fire Doors stand as formidable barriers against the relentless advance of fire and smoke, forming a crucial part of passive fire protection systems. Engineered for resilience and fire resistance, these doors play a pivotal role in safeguarding lives and property by preventing the unbridled spread of flames within a building.

Key Features of SEPLe Fire Doors

  • Fireproof Construction: Crafted with fire-resistant materials, SEPLe Fire Doors act as robust shields against the destructive forces of fire.
  • Passive Fire Protection: Integral components of passive fire protection systems, these doors contain and control the spread of fire and smoke.
  • Compartmentalization: Ensure safe passage by preventing the transfer of fire and smoke between distinct compartments within a building.
  • Critical Safety Feature: Essential safety elements that mitigate the risks associated with fire incidents, protecting both property and lives.
  • Strategic Placement: Typically installed in high-risk areas such as kitchens, flammable materials storage, and boiler rooms.

Advantages of SEPLe Fire Doors

  • Life Preservation: Critical in industrial and commercial settings, SEPLe Fire Doors save lives by impeding the progress of flames and smoke.
  • Property Protection: Safeguard valuable property by containing and minimizing the impact of fire incidents.
  • Compliance Assurance: Comply with safety regulations and standards, ensuring your building is adequately equipped to handle fire emergencies.
  • Risk Mitigation: Particularly important in larger spaces where fire safety complexities are amplified, SEPLe Fire Doors offer effective risk mitigation.
  • Industrial Resilience: Well-suited for industrial applications, these doors provide resilience against the challenges posed by high-risk environments.

SEPLe Fire Doors are meticulously designed and constructed to meet stringent safety requirements. As a proactive measure in fire safety planning, these doors are indispensable for commercial and industrial establishments. Elevate your fire safety standards with SEPLe Fire Doors – your dependable defense against the unpredictable nature of fire emergencies.

Invest in Safety, Invest in SEPLe Fire Doors – Your First Line of Defense Against Fire and Smoke

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