Integrated Alarm System

SEPLe – Integrated Alarm System is all in one solution with respect to the safety and security of any business, organization or institutes in today’s world. Designed with the cutting edge of technology ensuring the most intelligent and reliable products for your needs.

JARVIS (Intelligent Alarm Panel)

JARVIS Intelligent Alarm Panel

Salient Features

• 16 (8 wired + 8 wireless) zone microcontroller based tamper proof panel
• In built CMS connectivity (Optional)
• Night mode tampering converted to immediate trigger.
• Hooter wire cut audio visual alert
• Motorized siren wire cut audio visual alert
• Adjustable Sounder time. (2 to 20 min)
• Adjustable Zone delay time. (0 to 90 sec)
• Auto Isolation for affected zones/switches. (after 120 sec)
• Programmable auto reset facility
• System ON/OFF through keypad (Authorized access only)
• In-built SMPS for constant voltage output
• DC power operated battery with reverse polarity protection
• LCD indication of date, time and GSM signal zone status
• Led indication for system status
• In-built Auto dialer (GSM and PSTN) (Any 4G SIM supported; included JIO SIM)

• Re-dialing facility if not responded
• 4 nos. of re-recordable voice messages
• 15 nos. of phone numbers for call and SMS
• Remote access through mobile phone for reset, silent, trigger, arm, disarm & health status.
• 4 numbers General purpose Relay for Fire, Intruder, Tamper and Night Trigger
• Day/Night mode changing SMS alert
• Mains to Battery and Battery to Mains change over SMS alert
• Automatic/Manual Day-Night mode setup
• Automatic/Manual Arm to disarm mode setup
• Holiday list setup.
• 500 event logs.
• Compatible for all types of security alarm accessories like sensor, Shutter contact, Glass break sensor, Shock sensor, Vibration sensor.
• CRC metal cased sleek design cabinet
• Certification: ERTL.

ISIS (Intruder Alarm System)

ISIS (Intruder Alarm System) - SEPLE

Salient Features

• AC/DC power operated battery with reverse polarity protection
• Continuous LED indication of system and zone status (only wired zones)
• Continuous LCD indication of date, time and GSM status and triggering information of zones when they get triggered
• Password protected tactical key pad for system figuration
• In-built SMPS system
• In-built Auto-Dialer (GSM/PSTN)
• Remote access via mobile phone. (Trigger, Reset, Silent, Arm, Disarm & Health monitoring)

• Automatic/manual day-night mode configuration setup.
• Automatic arm/disarm configuration setup.
• Detection of zone’s condition
• Authentic accessing facility
• Event logging and erasing facility (Storage up to 500 numbers of event logs)
• Factory RESET option



Salient Features

• 6+1 zone integrated alarm system. [4 day zones, 2 night zones, 1 fire zone for wireless remote (optional)
• DC power operated battery with reverse polarity protection.
• LED indication of system and zone status.
• Continuous LCD indication of date, time and zone status. Zones status playing normal or triggered condition.
• Tactile key pad for easy panel operation.
• Provision of remote triggering.
• In-built SMPS system.

• Tamper Proof External Sirens.
• Additional relay outputs for connection of any device externally
• Password protected authentic accessing facility.
• Event logging and erasing facility. (Storage up to 200 number of event logs)
• Automatic/manual day-night configuration mode setup
• Easy to Integrate with “AUTO
• Factory reset option.

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