Digital Time Lock System

Digital Time Lock System - CRONOS Lite

Digital Time Lock System is an intelligent only on the preset time if someone has the Key. It also have holiday list Feature, on those days we can’t access the lock in the present time. It has an Emergency Key to access lock at any time for a preset time period which is user configurable.

Salient Features

  • Password Protected Configuration.
  • Tamper Proof Panel.
  • In-built SMPS system.
  • DC power, battery operated with reverse polarity protection.
  • Display The Door and Relock Switch status.
  • Continuous LCD indication of date & time.
  • LED indication for Door Open and Close.
  • Tactile keypad for easy panel operation.
  • Immediate Relock Switches.
  • Total 30 Holiday list features.
  • Password Protected Emergency Access.
  • User Configurable Emergency Access time.
  • Continuous LCD indication for Unauthorized Entry.
  • Sleep Mode.
  • 1 general purpose Relay for Triggers set up as N/O or N/C contacts.
  • Total 500 Log can be stored for events.

Digital Time Lock System – CRONOS Pro

Digital Time Lock – Cronos Pro is an intelligent password protected digital time locking system with advanced features, which is accessible only on the preset time schedule. This lock is developed to use where high security locking system is required. The system has holiday list feature, on those holidays the daily scheduled lock access is not possible. The system has an Emergency key which is used to access the lock for any emergency situation.


Digital Time Lock System - CRONOS Pro

Salient Features

• Password Protected (6-8 digits code)
• Tamper Proof Panel.
• Inbuilt SMPS.
• Inbuilt Battery backup with reverse polarity protection.
• Battery Health status indication with LEDs
• Low Battery audio visual indication.
• 200 Users compatibility for authentic access.
• Single / Multiple user control facility.
• System Settings and Audit Trail shown on LCD, Printer or PC.
• Multiple Modes for System Access. (1. Master 2. Manager 3. Programmer)
• Configurable Time Delay setup.
• 5 times opening and closing windows per day.
• Relock Switch and lock code for immediate locking

• Emergency Access facility with configurable time delay.
• Continuous LCD indication for Unauthorized Entry.
• Wrong try penalty (operation suspended for 5 min.)
• Duress Capability (Duress Switch & Duress Code)
• Continuous LCD indication of Date (Format: MM/DD/YY & DD/MM/YY), Time (Format: 24 Hours & AM/PM) and System Status.
• Retains all codes & settings when Changing Batteries.
• Multiple Latching of the system status
• Non-erasable audit trail more than 1,00,000 events.
• Tactile keypad for easy panel operation.
• Total 60 Holiday list features.(30 Normal Holidays & 30 Special Events)
• Sleep Mode facility.
• Maintenance Mode facility.
• 3 Nos. of general purpose Relay with potential free COM/NO/NC contacts
• Communication over TCP/IP network. (Optional)

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