PA Console System – DHWANI

DHWANI is a PA (Public Address) console system  with 10 zones individual triggering input along 10 zones of Public Address Speaker output which can be address publicly as fire alert and an emergency announcing could be made by microphone at same time or as per users needed. A pre recorded voice message is played when the system get fire alert signal from the external fire alarm system.

Salient Features

  • 10-zone up to 250 watt inbuilt PA amplifier.
  • DC Power, battery operated with reverse polarity protection.
  • LED indication for zone status with continuous LCD indication of date, time and zone status.
  • Tactile keypad for easy panel operation.
  • In-built SMPS system.
  • Selflamp test facility through keypad.
  • Prerecorded voice output for triggered alert.
  • Announcement for individual and all zones via microphone.
PA Console System-DHWANI - SEPLe
Dhwani is mosly used in large areas of offices, hospitals, factories, commercial complexes, airports, factories. It is user friendly system with option of zone selection for individual zone announcement and common announcement and many more features.
Public address console systems are becoming increasingly important in today’s world. Designed to provide effective communication in public spaces such as airports, train stations, malls, and education institutions among others, these systems play a significant role in informing the public of relevant events, announcements, and emergencies. With the advancement of technology, public address systems now offer a wide range of features beyond basic announcements, including simultaneous messaging across multiple zones, pre-recorded messages, and automated announcements. As such, device have become a critical element of public safety, convenience, and information dissemination.

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