Fire Alarm-Cum Talkback System

Our Fire Alarm Cum Talk Back System is designed and manufactured by our professionals utilizing top grade raw material and latest equipments to serve your business needs
It is a 20-zone conventional Fire Alarm System incorporated with 20 channel PA Console and Talk Back facilities along with normal, open, short and isolated conditions for each and individual fire zone. It has also an isolate and test facility for each and individual fire zone. It is configurable with all types of conventional fire device like mcp, smoke, heat, multi criteria detectors. A pre recorded voice played as fire alert side by side the users can addressed publicly using microphone on the other hand any one can inform to the control room via telephone without dialing any number, just picking up the receiver from the slave within 2 second a ring will be generate at the control room.

Fire Alarm-Cum Talkback

Salient Features

• 20-zone Fire Alarm System
• 20 Channel PA Console
• 16 line talk back
• LED indication of system and zone status.
• LCD indication like date, time, zone status (normal, short, open/fire condition)
• Tactile keypad (for easy panel operation)

• In-built SMPS system
• Self test facility through keypad
• Password protected authentic accessing facility.
• Event logging & erasing facility.
• Separate indication for zone tampering situation.
• Pre recorded voice for fire alert & announcement facility
• Factory reset option

Fire Detection Alarm System

Fire Detection Alarm System
Fire detection alarm system is designed to discover early fire detection when time will still be available for save evacuation of occupants. Early detection of fire plays a significant role in protecting the safety of emergency response personal. Property loss can be reduced and downtime for the operation minimized through early detection because control efforts are started while fire is still small. Our fire alarm system provides information to emergency responder to the location of fire, speeding the process of fire control.

Fire Hydrant System

Fire Hydrant System contains a system of pipe work connected on to the water system main to supply water to every and every hydrant outlet & is shall provide water for the fireman to fight fire. The water is discharged into the hearth engine from which it’s then pumped and sprayed over fire.

Fire Hydrant System - SEPLE

Salient Features

  • Water supply & storage facility.
  • Pipe work & valves.
  • Fire Brigade Booster Inlets.
  • Fire Pump sets.
  • Hydrant or Landing Valve & Coupling.
  • First Aid Hose Reels and Layflat Fire Hose.

Our team of experts is capable to install fire hydrant system according to your needs and requirement. Contact us now

Fire Sprinkler System

Fire Sprinkler System - SEPLE
Fire system is a lively fire protection method, consisting of water supply system, providing an adequate pressure and flow to water distribution piping system, onto which fire sprinklers are connected. It is used mostly in factories, corporate workplace & in commercial building.
Each fire sprinkler heads are heat-activated which is rated for a particular degree counting on its application. The fire sprinkler discharges individually and all fire sprinklers don’t diffuse directly. This maximizes water pressure over the purpose of fireside origin, and minimizing water damage to the building.

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